World Proud Pill God Chapter 5Liverpool146man city Prison Blood Celestial Clan

Author: Silent Little Thief:,,,,,,,,,, the fastest update! The three overlords of the Flame Domain? Chen Xiang has never heard of it, but Cailian seems to know something! “Legends say that there are three super powerful ancient forces, Pragmatic Play is called the Three Overlords! However, there is no trace of their activities on Tiangu Planet!” Cailian said. “That’s right, that’s right!” Lingxu nodded and said, “They didn’t send people here early like other forces, they just sent people here recently!” “How is their strength?” Chen Xiang asked. “The three overlords, BGaming should all be at the level of the Supreme Master!” Cailian sighed after hearing this, and said, “Compared to them, our Leap is really too weak!” “It is indeed the cultivation level of the Supreme Master! However, they are only the strongest on the first floor of Tiangu Purgatory, and their strength is at the bottom of the second floor!” Lingxu said. 1xBet Zhitian Dazun is on the second floor, so it is the bottom product? Both Chen Xiang and Cailian were secretly surprised. “Lingxu, what are they looking for you for?” Chen Xiang asked. “They know that we, la liga, are the Celestial Spirit Race, and they hope that we can give them part of the land core! If not, they will come in!” Lingxu sneered at Surebet247 and said: “These guys are really arrogant Paripesa Zhang, you don’t know the heights of the sky and the depths of the guy roulette!” “Senior Lingxu, what is the strength of the people they sent? It is said that the subordinates of the three overlords are also very strong! And the three overlords are looking for something, so they probably won’t come in person Tianguxing fighting?” Cailian asked. “The people they sent are not strong, just a few ancient holy gods… We can crush them to death at any time!” Lingxu said. The ancient holy god is not strong yet? This is the level of the blood master! lotus



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