Chapter 5116 The Prison Poison Gate in man city

Chen Xiang had discussed with the Tianxuan Domain Spirit before, they would first turn the Tianxuan Starfield into a huge star, and adapt to the strong gravity in advance. If it is incorporated now, it will be too fast, and the Tianxuan Starfield has not made enough preparations! “Brother, maybe it’s not the Aoshi Universe?” Sister Xiaojing said: “Compared to Da Yitian, the Aoshi Universe is a very small universe, and it is even insignificant compared to Tiangu Purgatory! It is impossible to cause Tiangu Purgatory to expand, right? “The current expansion speed of Tiangu Purgatory is the same as before when we annexed Dayitian! Dayi NetEnt Heaven was annexed, and Chen Xiang didn’t know about it, because Tiangu Purgatory is too big, Dayi Heaven is very likely to be in the edge area, and he doesn’t know how to find it! But as long as you are in Tiangu Purgatory, sooner or later you will meet those people from Dayitian, such as Demon Ancestor and Xuanzu. With their strength, they can quickly adapt to Tiangu Purgatory, and rely on 22Bet Tianlivescore Ancient Purgatory to become stronger ! “If it wasn’t for the Aoshi universe being annexed, then what would be the Evolution game? Could there be other big universes?” Chen Xiang thought for a while, and felt that the Aoshi universe wasn’t particularly big. If Bet9ja was swallowed up by Paripesa, it should be A rumble that won’t have any effect. “Brother, don’t worry about this kind of thing! Go to Tianguxing first!” Sister Xiaojing said: “Don’t let the blood master control Tianguxing!” Chen Xiang also has certain feelings for Tianguxing, because The first protoss he contacted when he came to Tiangu Purgatory was the Tiangu prosthetic, and the Tiangu prosthetic also called him “Master” in the champions league. Tiangu Xing is the relic of Tiangu Xingling, Chen Xiang can’t let his apprentice’s relic be obtained by the blood master! man city Chen Xiang



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