World-Proud Pill God Chapter 01 Tiangu Blood Star

Chen Xiang really didn’t expect the Blood Lord to be so strong! At this time, Li Yuanyuan next to him suddenly hugged his waist tightly, with a look of fear on his face. “Father, how much do you know about this Blood Lord?” Chen Xiang Parimatch asked. “I don’t know much about roulette! In short, it’s number one!” Shen Tianhu said: “It’s really strange, this guy puts his purgatory blood star and doesn’t want it, why did he come to Tiangu star for Leap? What attracts him here? “The fact that the blood lord has the purgatory blood star is something that many big forces know, but because the blood lord is too powerful, no one has successfully taken it down! If someone knew that Chen Xiang copied the blood lord’s old sports betting nest, they would definitely be unbelievable! So the blood master has an unforgettable hatred for this matter, but he has never suffered such a loss! “I’m going to participate in the formation of the enchantment! The treasure land I chose is very good, and I must defend it!” Shen Tianhu said: “As for the blood lord… Tiangu star is so big, even if he occupies a large area, It won’t affect my place either!” “Father, if you have any news about Blood Lord, please tell me right away!” Chen Xiang said. “Understood!” Shen Tianhu responded. Chen Xiang put away the communication talisman, and then hugged Li Yuanyuan tightly in his arms. For some reason, she was so frightened that she felt chills all over her body. Chen Xiang hugged her tightly and stroked her little hand before Liverpool calmed her down. “My lord, I’m really scared!” Li Yuanyuan said. “Don’t be afraid, it’s just that the Blood Lord is nearby!” Chen Xiang looked around, and said: “He should have gone away, go to Tiangu Star!” Chen Xiang thought that the Blood Lord had just flown by, so that made affiliate Li Yuanyuan feel terrified , after all Li Yuan



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