Chelsa Alchemy God Chapter 5071 Horizontal roulette across purgatory

Chen Xiang BGaming came over and killed two war gods with just a few blows, Cailian was stunned for a moment. If she hadn’t been crushed and beaten by two Nairabet gods of war just now, she would have suspected that the two gods of war might be fake! How could Chen Xiang kill the God of War so easily? Cailian couldn’t understand it! Although the Dayaozu personality in Cailian knew that Chen Xiang also possessed the power of time, even so, it shouldn’t be so easy to face the God of War, right? No matter what, the God of War has been killed! Chen Xiang looked at the Yaoguo Star, and said: “We can leave this place!” He took the Immortal War Profound Demon Tower back, and he had already made an agreement with the Fruit Yaozu to let them stay in the tower. “Is the Temple God of War strong or weak?” Cailian looked at the flying ash and took a deep breath. She was also a little tired now, and lightly floated on the magic mirror of six paths. “They mainly use the power of time, and I specifically restrain their power of time!” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “I’m an affiliate, and I don’t know how strong or weak they are, anyway, when they face me, those methods are useless at all LiveScore!” When Cailian was fighting with God of War, she also knew that the casino slot guys could predict what she was going to do next. If she didn’t react fast enough, she would have been taken down by the opponent long ago. “Maybe!” Cailian somewhat accepted that Chen Xiang could defeat the God of War, because the God of War could not predict what Chen Xiang would do next, so that was not considered strong. Chen Xiang also had a lot of divine weapons and artifacts in his hand, it was still very easy to face the God of War who couldn’t use the flashscore power of time. He released Lan Die and Hong Die from the Xianzhan Xuanmo Tower, and asked them to lead the way to the Demon Soul Country. Of course, Landie would like Betting to lead the way, because of the current situation of 1xBet



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