Affiliate World Proud Pill God Chapter 5056 Cultivator champions league monk hunter

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, “Who are you?” The old man’s body suddenly flashed scorching hot light, accompanied by a shock wave, shaking Rumble Chen Xiang out. “I am Endorphina sent by the Fruit Monster Clan!” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he flashed over again. After the old man realized that Chen Xiang was difficult to defeat, he immediately released a time domain, to predict how Chen Xiang would attack in advance by predicting the time in the next few seconds. However, the old man couldn’t see anything, because Chen Xiang’s future was hard to predict, or in other words very vague, he couldn’t see through it! Also at this time, Chen Xiang rushed over, and punched the old man’s head with a fist. The fist also flashed wildly with lightning, and directly blasted the old man’s soul to pieces! This old man is a time cultivator. He has also experienced hundreds of battles and often encounters stronger than him, but because he has mastered the power of time, he can always retreat completely, and he can even play tricks on the opponent. However, facing Chen Xiang now, all tricks were useless, and he was beaten so hard that he couldn’t find his way! “Do you want to die?” Chen Xiang grabbed the old man’s throat and asked coldly. “No!” Of course the old man didn’t want to die, so he struggled and screamed. “Then let me ask you, how did you contact the Temple of Time?” Chen Xiang asked. “We are connected to the Temple of Time through this!” The old man took out a disk and said, “This is a space array disk. With the power of time, it can penetrate the space wall of the Ancient Purgatory!” Chen Xiang took it over. , and then give it to sister Xiaojing to check. “It works!” Sister Xiaojing said. “How much time do you have here as a monk?” Chen Xiang asked. “I don’t know…we were all sent in to perform missions!” the old man begged:



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