Chapter 5041 Beyond the Magic City

The livescore of the Xianzhan Xuanmo Tower was originally created by the Xuanzu and Mozu of Dayitian, and was later taken over and transformed by the Temple of Time. Chen Xiang guessed that the transformation process of the Temple of Time might be the fusion of the Immortal Battle Mysterious Demon Tower from multiple time periods, thus live betting to create Sportybet. Because he remembered that the people from the Temple of Time had said about flashscore, there were several Gong Baihes in the Immortal War Xuanmo Tower, and only one survived in the end. The Temple of Time created the Immortal War Profound Demon Tower in this way, but later it couldn’t control it, which caused this chaos. Chen Xiang also understands now that the Temple of Time just likes to merge multiple different timelines together, and then use this to achieve the so-called creation, which also caused a lot of confusion! “Mr. Shen, we are now following the Great Dragon Ancestor, and we are going to the Devil City of the Six Paths!” Da Lingxue informed Chen Xiang of this important news through the communication talisman, and at the same time was a little worried, “I don’t know if this trip is dangerous or not. “It must be dangerous!” Chen Xiang said: “The Demon Ancestor has seen this kind of chaos, and he is more eager to improve his strength, and the Six Paths Demon City is his territory!” “The Big Slot Games Dragon Ancestor seems to be special betting!” Da Lingxue said, “Because Da Longzu decided to save Xiao Longzu!” You know, Da Longzu was the one who beat Xiao Longzu before, and the reason why he wants to save Xiao Longzu now is because of hope Can become stronger through Xiaolongzu! Dalongzu has realized that if he wants to become stronger faster in a short period of time, he can only use fusion! “Senior Sister Xiaoxue, I suspect that those powerful time cultivators all strengthen themselves through fusion!” Chen Xiang said: “They entered multiple worlds with different timelines and found the same self



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