1xBet Aoshi Danshen Pragmatic play Chapter 5025 Tianxuan Space

Read the full text Gong Baihe stopped forebetting, and Chen Xiang began to try the method he said. The surrounding area was very quiet, but Gong Baihe felt an inexplicable depression enveloping him. Chen Xiang has already started to mobilize the power of his own fate, Tianxuan fate and space fate emit the main attribute power. The Hengyan Fate and Beast Fate release auxiliary power and do not contain attributes. This is to enhance the power of Fate! Chen Xiang did it lying on Gong Baihe’s back, so that if there was any trouble, Gong Baihe could immediately take him to dodge! “Here we come!” Gong Baihe suddenly said in a deep voice. What he just said, suddenly black shadows appeared in all directions! Chen Xiang looked around at Paripesa, and saw hundreds of black air masses floating around, gushing out bursts of evil spirit, and he didn’t know what it was! Without Gong Baihe’s reminder, Chen Xiang could feel that terrifying aura, this kind of air mass doesn’t look like a human or a beast, could it be a soul body? Hundreds of air masses surrounded Chen Xiang and Gong Baihe, and then slowly spun and started! The black evil spirit overflowing from the black air mass gathered towards Chen Xiang and Gong Baihe, intending to envelop them and besiege them! “Liverpool go away!” Gong Baihe yelled coldly, his tall body shone with holy white light, and it turned into a wave of air that oscillated around. The black evil spirit that had gathered was also dispersed! The black air masses trembled as if they were conscious, as if Endorphina was angry, and then several black air masses rushed over! Gong Baihe floated in the air, stepped on his feet lightly, and bursts of divine power overflowed from his body! The divine power turned into palm-sized snow-white feathers, and countless feathers shot in all directions like arrows, penetrating into those black air masses!



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