Audacious Msports Pill God Chapter 4995 Forebet An Unexpected Joy

Chen Xiang immediately left the space of the giant pearl oyster and came to the surface of the sea! He contacted Da Lingxue and Da Tian Yao, but it didn’t take long outside. Then sister Xiaojing estimated the difference in time and flow velocity, one hundred days in the giant pearl shell is equivalent to one hundred days in the Immortal War Xuanmo Tower! In this case, Chen Xiang will have plenty of time to refine a super space element pearl of his own! Chen Xiang just told Da Lingxue and the others that he was exploring the mysterious deep sea, so don’t worry if you can’t get in touch. Then he man city dives into the deep sea again and go to roulette to collect more space pearls! Sister Xiaojing predicted that it would take about a thousand small space pearls, baccarat to form a powerful enough formation for Paripesa to suppress the Pearl King! After Chen Xiang has a small space element bead, it will be much easier to refine other space pearls into space element beads to bet the game! He could only refine the Space Yuanzhu in a month before, but now it only takes ten days to do it! As he has the second small space element bead, the speed of refining will only become faster and easier! Therefore, it is only a matter of time for Chen Xiang to refine a thousand small space yuan beads, and it is not a difficult task! Chen Xiang can now refine poker to produce two small NetEnt Space Yuan BGaming beads in one day. After more than five hundred days, he finally got enough for a thousand small Space Yuan beads! It’s only been five days outside, and in five days, there won’t be much change for the Xianzhan Xuanmo Pagoda! Chen Xiang followed what little sister Xiao Jing said, and arranged a thousand small space pearls into a formation, forming a large formation around the Pearl King! When it was running, sister Xiaojing realized that she had greatly underestimated the Pearl King.



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