Alchemy God Chapter 4965 Live betting combined with Leap

Author: Silent Little Thief BGaming: ,,,,,,,,,, the fastest update! Yaotian Sect was completely destroyed, and all the disciples in Yaotian Xing died. This incident is undoubtedly a huge and heavy blow to Big Sky Demon and Big Lingxue, they are all very sad and angry at the moment! Although the Yaotian Sect is already in decline, it is the BetWinner Sect that they have painstakingly managed for many years, and now it is gone. Chen Xiang couldn’t figure out why Yaotianmen would be wiped out here! You know, Yaotianmen and Mozu have fought against each other for many years, and it is difficult to be wiped out, but now they are completely wiped out by Slot Games! After some healing by Surebet247, Da Lingxue’s condition is much better now. “Senior Sister Xiaoxue, didn’t you say that there are some rules to limit Leap Tianzu’s power? They won’t attack Yao Tianmen, so why are they suddenly betting now?” Chen Xiang asked. “Those rules only restrict Tianzu itself, not those emperors!” Da Lingxue said: “I suspect that there is an inner ghost in Yaotianmen! Someone destroyed Yaotianxing’s core energy from the inside, which caused Yaotianxing to lose its defense power “It’s very likely this is the reason! The ghost should be hidden among the elders!” The big sky demon cursed in a low voice: “This group of damn bastards must be caught and killed! “After much deliberation, they all thought that there was an inner ghost in Yaotianmen! It should be bought by those emperors! Before the rumble, the Yaotian Jade Lotus planting method had been leaked, but Da Lingxue didn’t pay attention to it, and didn’t go to investigate. Now the inner ghost has made an inch of it, leading to the destruction of the Yaotian Sect, which makes Da Lingxue blame herself very much. “Then shall we forebet still participate in the Immortal War Conference?” Chen Xiang asked. “Of course! As long as I



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