World-Proud Pill God Endorphina Chapter 49 Man City 21 Time Dream Journey

“No, I have to seal you!” Yaozu’s attitude was very firm, and Evolution Game said coldly: “As long as you are sealed and you pass the livescore time period, you can rewrite the future! In this way, I will be with you in my dream.” The conflict will not happen!” “No!” Chen Xiang was also very resolute. He hates being sealed the most, not to mention the fact that Aoshi Universe is at a very important moment in BetWinner, and he must be here to preside over the overall situation, so he must not be sealed. “Then I’m sorry!” Yao Spinmatic Ancestor’s hatred grew a little more at this moment, and he decided that Chen Xiang was the enemy of her dreams, and shouted: “If you don’t seal the Premier League, I will be the one who is miserable!” BGaming “Farewell!” After Chen Xiang finished speaking, the Divine Mirror of Six Paths trembled, and the space became turbulent, and he directly entered the Tianxuan Starfield. Yaozu persisted and shouted angrily. After Chen Xiang returned to the Tianxuan Starfield, he let out a long sigh, this matter was really too mysterious to him, he always felt that there was some mysterious power that could not be explained by Endorphina! “Brother, her dream is quite powerful!” Sister Xiaojing laughed. “Girl Jing, what are you laughing at? I am hated by Yaozu now… Forbet sister Mei and Miss Guo, whom I have managed to cultivate, are two good helpers, just gone, that’s all It’s cheaper for Yaozu!” Chen Xiang was very unwilling. “Yaozu just called you a prostitute, which means that in her dream, you must have treated her badly!” Sister Xiaojing laughed. “Go, go, that’s just her dream!” Chen Xiang was very depressed, and said, “There must be something wrong with her dream!” “People’s dreams are very incomplete, most of them are intermittent! I caught a section that was more impressive, and sometimes I even felt like a dream



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