Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4906casino Slot Yin Book BetWinner Miyun

Author: Silent Little Thief: casino Slot,,,,,,,,,, NetEnt is the fastest update! Chen Xiang is serious about cultivating Dao Seeds, and he is also very uncomfortable in his heart. He clearly knows that Emperor Guiyuan is a great threat and will definitely cause great harm to the Aoshi Universe in the future, but he has nothing to do with Emperor Guiyuan . Every time he faced Gui Yuandi Evolution game master, he could only run away, very aggrieved! Especially this time, Paripesa almost fell into the hands of Emperor Guiyuan. Fortunately, Guo Lingxue paid a huge price and forcibly increased her chelsa power to buy time to escape! This time it can be said to be very thrilling, if there is another time, he may not be able to escape, Chen Xiang hates this kind of feeling, the main reason is that he is not strong enough! Emperor Guiyuan was very angry at the moment, because Chen Xiang ran away under his nose, you know, he called the power of Wanzhou Mountain, but still couldn’t trap Chen Xiang, this is simply a great shame to him! If the other four old emperors of the affiliate knew about it, they would definitely laugh at him. And now he has no way to get back his face, it is unrealistic to go to Aoshi Universe to find Chen Xiang, that is Chen Xiang’s territory, if he goes there, it is tantamount to courting death! “Brother, the emperors of Yitian are very powerful! You have offended Xuanzu, and you have been taking away the source of creation from Xuanzu’s grandmother. Although he will not do anything to you personally, he will definitely mobilize his baccarat to deal with you! “Sister Xiaojing said. “I know, but now we can only let the Tianxuan Starfield become stronger in live betting!” Chen Xiang said: “After the Tianxuan Starfield becomes stronger, it will be able to defend the entire Aoshi Universe. As long as we hide in the Aoshi Universe, we can There is enough time to grow up!” After the Tianxuan Starfield is strong, it will be able to resist the force from the other world.



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