Surebet247 Aoshidan chelsa God Chapter 4891 Tianxuan Comprehension

Read the full text Chen Xiang also feels that Aoshi Universe can’t live without a mother source, but he doesn’t know about the mother source at all, and as far as he knows, even Yitian’s parent source is very mysterious, only the third patriarch knows the specific situation! According to Chen Xiang’s understanding of the mother source, the mother source suddenly appeared in the different world, and then the third ancestor was born. Later, Mei Tianyao told him that there was another demon ancestor, and the demon ancestor also had a mother source, but the mother source of the rumble demon ancestor was gone! “Tianbettingxuan, I don’t know much about mother source! I have never been in contact with it, and I have never seen roulette… So I don’t know how to turn your online casino into mother source!” Chen Xiang said: “You have no idea about mother source. How much do you know? You should have come into contact with the mother source through some means, right? Can you talk to me?” Chen Xiang is currently refining the ancestor source of creation, and he also plans to take this opportunity to chat with Tianxuan Yuling about Pragmatic play and mother source thing. “My Spinmatic suddenly received a message. I don’t know where it came from. Anyway, a voice called Leap suddenly communicated with me and asked me if I want to connect with a mother source!” Tianxuan Yuling said: “I guess, Betway That voice might come from Yitian!” “Ah?” Chen Xiang exclaimed, he didn’t expect Yitian to poach his corner, he hurriedly said: “You must not agree!” “Creator, without you Allow, I will absolutely not agree!” Tianxuan Yuling said. “Then what else did you chat with that voice?” Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief and continued to ask. “I asked him about the mother source! The voice just said that after docking with the mother source, it can make me stronger!” Tianxuan Yuling said: “Then he didn’t say anything to me, unless I agreed to dock Mother source, only willing to tell me more



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