World Proud Pill God Chapter 4876 Demon Soul Mozzartbet reborn in Parimatch

Read the full text of the dark ancestral source just like that. The Lord of Guiyuan can hardly believe this is true. In his opinion, even if it is attacked by a very powerful star field, the black Spinmatic dark ancestral source can last for a while! After all, it is a powerful celestial body created from another sky, and after hundreds of millions of years of growth, even if it is going to be destroyed, it cannot be destroyed overnight! The Lord of Guiyuan has seen many times when huge celestial bodies devour each other. For example, some huge stars collide. Hundreds of millions of years! The dark ancestral source is countless times larger than those giant stars, but now it is gone. The Lord of Guiyuan couldn’t accept all of this, because even if Xuanzu came, he couldn’t do it! From his BGaming point of view, not to mention the coming of the Xuanzu, even if the Three Ancestors of Yitian join forces, they may not be able to make the Dark Ancestor disappear in such a short period of time! However, the Tianxuan Starfield has achieved it. What kind of terrifying power is this? Even Guo Lingxue was shocked and terrified in her heart. She was trapped in the dark ancestral domain for hundreds of millions of years, and she knew the horror of this thing betting, but now it’s gone! She remembered that Chen Xiang said before that this is the code of operation of the star field in the Aoshi universe, and it is the powerful star field that is making the move! There are also powerful star fields of this level in Yitian, but they all look lifeless! Aoshi Universe has such a powerful star field, which is enough to maintain the smooth operation of the universe, at least not worrying about being dominated by the creation of the Ancestor Source to dominate the operation of NetEnt Aoshi Universe! In the past, there was a creation ancestor source inside the star field of the proud universe, and those creation ancestors



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