Aoshi Danshen Chapter 4816 Leap Three Generations 1xBet Cthulhu

Novel: ,,,,,,,,, The Sixth Palace Star is the location of the Sixth Soul Palace, and the Sixth Soul Palace is also built very large, and there are very many people. The Six Souls Palace is now a dominant force in the Aoshi Universe. Although no one dares to provoke them, their defense against the Six Palaces is still very strict! It’s just that because of Jiang Wei, the inner ghost, Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang can easily come in! Of course, even without Jiang Wei’s help in live betting, Chen Xiang and Ying Kuang could still enter the Sixth Palace Starfield and enter the Sixth Palace Star, but it would take a relatively long time! There are six huge tall buildings in the Palace of the Six Souls, which are like thousands of feet of giant mountains. Under the area where these six tall buildings are located, there are also many buildings or squares, and there are a large number of disciples of the Palace of the Six Souls inside! “Young master, just wait for the flashscore to let me take the roulette!” Ying Kuang said, “I want to let them know that I have returned and switched to Sportybet Fate! Otherwise, they will all think that I died on Yaohun Star Domain!” “Okay!” Chen Xiang also knew the reason why Ying Kuang did this, it was to attract the evil god of Yitian to target him and attract the attention of Yitian. When Ying Kuang was in Chelsa in the Champions League year, it was very troublesome. Now that he is in the Aoshi Universe, if he changes his life style, if his strength becomes stronger, he will also cause headaches for the four big figures in the different world! For example, Liuhun Palace is also cooperating with the power of Yitian Leap. If Yingkuang Surebet247 is doing trouble here, Yitian will definitely find a way to get rid of Yingkuang so that they can work in the proud Nairabet universe for Liuhun Palace. mad! Ying Kuang was standing in the middle of a very spacious street. At the end of the street was a magnificent gate in Betting, which was the gate of Liuhun Palace! Ying Kuang took a deep breath



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