Dark Night Evolution Game Ranger Chapter 99 Purple Betway Fire Magic Crystal

Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! The enthusiasm of the female elf was obviously ignored by Ibrahimovic. He and Marvin left the city of ruins and headed south all the way to Luanshi Mountain. When the two ancient goblins saw the mechanical titans placed outside the rocky mountain, they almost went crazy with joy. At the moment they forgot everything, climbed in directly, and started to mess around. Marvin didn’t care about them, even if they took the key, it was useless, he had already overdrawn all the energy of this thing, unless Betting found the purple fire magic crystal, it would be a piece of scrap iron. He came to Luanshi Mountain this time mainly to warn the three sisters. The time he and Ibrahimovic stayed in City of Hope was not very long, and most of the time they were negotiating secretly. The news of the catastrophe obviously shocked the three sisters. They were located in a remote place like Luanshi Mountain. If Ma Wen hadn’t brought them the news in advance, they might not know until the catastrophe struck. Although many warlocks in Luanshi Mountain can communicate with demons, none of them are of the forebet level of demon lords. They only know that something big is likely to happen to Endorphina recently. Otherwise, there will be no livescore in the sky, and the order will descend out of thin air. Marvin told the news to the three sisters, believing that with their ingenuity and force, plus the buff of the stupid lucky elf, they should be able to survive the early stage of the catastrophe safely. They have the spark of order in their hands, but the only shadow prince who can steal the spark of order has been blown away by Marvin, basically safe. But in these chaotic times. Anything is possible, Marvin can only tell them baccarat must be careful again and again. Double BetWinner side formed



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