Betway Aoshi Danshen Chapter 481xBet01 Cracking Scourge

Chen Xiang was worried that Roulette, Shen Zhenyi and the others would not be able to find Ying Kuang, but now Ying Kuang is actually near the Monster Soul Star. He was very sure that the old villain Guo Lingxue was talking about was Ying Kuang! “Chen Xiang, this friend of yours is really amazing, you can actually know Guo Lingxue’s whereabouts, and you are still chasing her so closely!” Shen Zhenyi said. “He’s amazing! He came from another world, and he’s also a character in another world!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Guo Lingxue came here, I really didn’t expect it!” “This forebet little bitch, I I thought she was very wrong before, that’s why I asked her to get out of Yaohun Star!” Xiangling cursed softly: “Now it seems that it’s really unreliable, actually secretly doing something with Yitian… maybe those things The ghost bug has something to do with her!” During the past two days, Shen Zhenyi also told Xiang Ling and other core members of the Ghost Girl Kingdom about Guo Lingxue, Queen Tianyue, and the group of aliens, and let them know that Guo Lingxue What’s going on! “Send someone out immediately and take Guo Lingxue down!” Shen Zhenyi said: “And invite that old senior in!” In the past two days, Shen Zhenyi has already ordered to let the women in the palace Put on clothes, even the Leap girls in the entire enchanting champions league soul girl country, have to put on clothes… Chen Xiang waited patiently, not long after, a woman came back and said: “Queen, Guo Lingxue has already won the seal. I brought it back! However, that old senior refused to come in, he said that there are dirty things in the bet game Yaohun Star, he is afraid!” Hearing these words, Shen Zhenyi and Xiangling frowned, and then looked at the To Chen Xiang! There are dirty things in Yaohun Star, obviously that kind of bugs! Ying Kuang hasn’t entered the Monster Soul Star yet,



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