World Proud Pill God Chapter 422 Aunt Guo

The strength of the leader of the whole Parimatch text reading team is not weak. She can sit in this position only because of her solid strength. Liu Tianyun’s small leaders are far inferior to her Pragmatic Play. If the small leaders have enough strength, they can definitely challenge the head of the main team and take the position of the head of the team! So the chief captain has often encountered challenges over the years, but she can still sit firmly in this position, and her strength is beyond doubt! But now, chelsa, the captain, was beaten by Yingkuang Paripesa, and the arm was torn off as soon as it was said. It doesn’t look too easy! It was precisely because of Ying Kuang’s strength that both the captain and Liu Tianyun were terrified! Especially the captain, she didn’t expect that the owner of the Jingyuan Shendan was so terrifying! “I said… I said…” The captain gave up and howled, because Ying Kuang had already pinched her neck. If Ying Kuang could tear off her arm, he would definitely tear off her head too! “But let me explain in advance, that person is not easy to mess with… She is not as easy to bully as I am!” The captain trembled. “Just say what you want!” Chen Xiang said. “She…she is the rumble person next to the queen!” The chief captain also seemed very scared. “Ah!” After Liu Tianyun heard it, Liverpool trembled all over and screamed, then looked at Chen Xiang, and said hastily: “Mr. If you continue to make trouble, you will have a conflict with the queen!” It can be seen that Liu Tianyun has already guessed who it is! Seeing this, Chen Xiang wanted to know who it was, to be honest, he was not afraid of that Queen of the Sky Moon at all! He went to Queen Tianyue mainly to get in touch with Shen Zhen



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