World Proud Pill God Chapter 4771 Demon Evolution Game Soul Man City Fear

Before reading the full 1xBet text, Chen Xiang thought that this old alien god would be very weak, but judging from the aura, it was actually stronger than the alien god from the Six Souls Palace! He and Grandma Suquan stared at the passage, and soon a person flew out. It looked like a sturdy old man from the outside! The old man was bare-chested, and he was simply wearing a pair of animal skin pants with scales underneath! The old man doesn’t have eyes, but the eye sockets are two dark holes, which is the same as the evil god of the Six Souls Palace Betway! “That’s the guy!” Grandma Suquan said to Chen Xiang in Liverpool via voice transmission: “Young Master Shen, how is his strength?” The one in the Palace is even stronger than the Premier League!” Chen Xiang was a little confused by Nairabet now, he expected that this Heavenly Evil God was weaker than the one in the Six Souls Palace, so it would be much easier to deal with it. But now it seems that the Evil God of the Ten Thousand Eternal Mountains is not weak at all, on the contrary, it is very terrifying! “Ah? Is that really the case?” Grandma Suquan was also puzzled, and hurriedly said: “According to the information I have, this alien god has been sleeping for many years baccarat, and has not obtained alien power from the alien world, and has declined in all aspects Seriously!” “Grandma, if your information is okay! Then the one with the problem is the Evil God of the Six Souls Palace!” Chen Xiang had already given up the idea of ​​attacking the Evil God, because he couldn’t beat him at all. “Is there something wrong with the Evil God of the Six Souls Palace? Is it really weaker than that of Wanzhou Mountain?” Grandma Suquan also couldn’t understand. According to their speculation, the evil god of the Six Souls Palace should have been summoned not long ago, and the evil god of Wanzhou Mountain was summoned many years ago.



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