Night Ranger Eighth Pragmatic play Chapter Fifteen Desolate Liverpool Tower Ruins

Mirror spell? Marvin was slightly taken aback. He hasn’t heard Betking say which wizard’s mirror image can explode! “This guy is very strong. In this world, the explosive power of spells has not decreased much…” Marvin checked his physical condition and found that he had suffered a slight injury. You know, this roulette is under the suppression of the Public Enemy Specialty, and he is still injured. With Marvin’s current strength resistance, ordinary explosions can’t hurt him at all. Facing the cold smile of the black flame lava wizard, Marvin suddenly had an idea in his mind. “This guy…wasn’t controlled by the potion king!” In an instant, Marvin seemed to understand what forebet was. He stamped the badge on his right arm, and it turned into Msports scarlet red, and started to get hot! The demon armband has an abnormal reaction. Marvin couldn’t help breaking into a cold sweat. Unknowingly, he entered the illusion of the potion king? When did this start? Wait… Could it be that the moment I entered the secret garden by myself, I encountered the environment that the King of Potions had ambushed in advance? Marvin is a bit confused by 1xBet. The black fire lava wizard in the distance suddenly disappeared for no reason, and this natural enemy seemed to have calmed down. But Marvin knew that the battle might have only just begun. “Could it be that the news about the cataclysm in advance is also false.” “There is no news from my grandfather at all? Is everything a trick done by the potion king?” Marvin didn’t start stealth. In other people’s illusions, his every move is under the control of Eric, the King of Spinmatic Potions, and he can easily be discovered by him even if he sneaks in. He maintained a high level of vigilance around his surroundings. I started thinking about what happened before



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