Alchemy God Chapter 4621 Heavenly Alchemy Curse Mozzartbetrumble Spirit

,, Piaotian literature choice: The more sister Xiao Jing knew about Chen Xiang’s situation, the more worried she became, because that curse spirit was terrifying and possessed an irresistible Spinmatic power, so she fell in love with Chen Xiang very easily. body. Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing’s younger sister didn’t have time to react at the time, and they were possessed by the curse spirit. In fact, even if they knew about the Evolution game in advance, they might not be able to resist it. Fortunately, Chen Xiang calmed down quickly, and thought of a way to deal with it in an instant, trapping the curse spirit in his body while using the technique of Heaven Alchemy to deal with it. After Chen Xiang entered the World Proud Stove, he gradually felt relieved. He was somewhat nervous before, worried that his thoughts would not have much effect, after all, the curse spirit is very strange, it is difficult to refine it into a pill! Now in the Aoshi Divine Furnace, the curse spirit was directly suppressed and lost its activity! You know, when outside the divine poker furnace, the curse spirit was swimming in Chen Xiang’s body, trying to quickly take Chen Xiang’s body. At this time, the curse spirit could not freely swim in Chen Xiang’s body, and was gradually imprisoned by Chen Xiang at the heart, and then transferred to the abdomen! Chen Xiang also looks very scary now, his body is still flushed red, the skin and muscles of his whole body are like red-hot iron, and the temperature all over his body is very high! This is mainly because the World-Proud Sacred Furnace is increasing its heat, and the flames released are also fused with Chen Xiang as much as possible, to help Chen Xiang burn the curse spirit! Chen Xiang absorbed the flames that erupted from the World-Proud Sacred Furnace, and then condensed them in his abdomen, and used the Heavenly Alchemy Technique to refine the curse spirit! Man City, although he couldn’t figure out what was going on with the curse spirit, he was able to control it now! Fang Qing is now worried about Slot Games



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