Aoshi Danshen Chapter Evolution game 45 Leap 76 Curse Breaking Hope

After the five forces took down the magic medicine treasure city, they still had to figure out the secret of the chaotic dragon tree. They believed that there must be something hidden behind the sudden appearance of the magic medicine treasure city and the chaos dragon tree. Someone must have mastered certain secret techniques of Pragmatic Play to create the Tianyuan Terrain and the Chaos Dragon Tree! There was nothing wrong with their thinking, Chen Xiang did create the Tianyuan Terrain and Chaos Dragon Tree, but this was all caused by him unintentionally. “The reinforcements from the Palace of Fate and Soul are already on their way!” “I am supreme in the Nine Palaces, and I will definitely participate in the siege. Our previous sacrifices were not small, so we can’t just let it go!” “The Palace of Six Souls is also involved!” These three forces They all expressed their opinions one after another, whoever doesn’t participate now, after winning the magic medicine treasure city, they will not be qualified to share the secret, and they will be the most embarrassing at that time, so they have to participate no matter what! And they man city always think that their chances of winning are great! After all, there is only one treasure city of Paripesa, the magic medicine, and they have combined five forces, and their manpower and material resources are huge, which is not comparable to the treasure city of magic medicine. It took them a while to arrive from all directions, so they couldn’t attack the Treasure City of Divine Medicine right now. Chen Xiang and Cailian are sitting on the enlarged Divine Mirror of Six Paths, surrounding the World-Proud Divine Stove! Cailian was also full of curiosity about Chen Xiang, but she didn’t rumble it. Because she had the memory of Yan Zilian, she knew that Chen Xiang could refine the soul of life, and also created the six practice rules! Chen Xiang thinks Cai Nairabet lotus is very mysterious, but in Cai Lian’s eyes, isn’t he a mysterious person? “Where did you learn the alchemy technique of sports betting?” Cailian also knew that the Aoshi Endorphina Sacred Furnace was very powerful.



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