World-Proud Alchemy Chapter 45 Betking Chapter 43 La Liga Propaganda Treasure City

Read the full text Boss Zhou is about to die of old age. Although he has the precious real madrid medicine in his hand, it has no effect on him. Now Chen Xiang can help him prolong his life, so he also readily took the precious medicine in Man City’s hand. Pass it to Chen Xiang. “Here’s another pill, Boss Zhou, take it!” Chen Xiang gave another Tianming Yuandan. For Chen Xiang, it was effortless to obtain these destiny pills, and he still had a lot in his hand. “Thank you Mr. Shen for saving your life! Baccarat” Seeing Chen Xiang, Boss Zhou gave him another pill, and was so excited that he almost knelt down to thank him. Boss Zhou thinks that the transaction is over, and now Chen Xiang gave him another Destiny Yuan Pill, which is equivalent to giving it to him, so he is very grateful to Chen Xiang! “Old NetEnt Zhou is being polite, we don’t live betting chelsa, it’s just a transaction!” Chen Xiang laughed and said: “We can continue to cooperate in the future, the magic medicine treasure city welcomes you big families very much, I hope you can help us a lot.” It’s good to promote the treasure city of magic medicine!” “Don’t worry, I will definitely promote it!” Boss Zhou was very grateful, but he still had some questions about Paripesa, “Mr. Shen, what kind of pill is this?” “To be honest, this is Tianming Yuandan! Sports betting is made from Tianming Ganoderma lucidum!” Chen Xiang said in a low voice: “This matter…Boss Zhou can casually disclose it to the outside world!” Chen Xiang told Wu Mou before that he used A small part of Tianming Ganoderma successfully cultivated seeds, so he has a way to grow Tianming Ganoderma. Wu Mou was only shocked by this, and he naturally wouldn’t say anything, but he never thought that someone could really breed and grow precious medicine. So Wu Mou wouldn’t be surprised if Chen Xiang had a lot of Heavenly Mandate Yuan Pills in the future! “This… Mr. Shen, you still have



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