Aoshi Danshen Chapter 513 The Situation of the Outer Gate

Read the full text of Yitianmen’s outer disciples, it is true that they do hard work, they may be doing the hardest, most tiring and dangerous work, mainly digging Tianyuan crystal ore and various resource minerals. Places with these resources are often full of dangers, such as the Tianyuan crystal mine, which will be stared at by various powerful creatures. However, after they dug up a large amount of Tianyuanjing ore, they didn’t get any rewards, and Tianlivescore Yuanjing ore would be sent to the inner sect. Only a very small number of outer disciples with extraordinary talents can have a certain level of cultivation and strength, but compared with inner disciples, they are still far behind. Among the disciples of the inner sect, the strongest is the Yitian disciple, and then the disciples accepted by the Yitian disciple. Li Minqing poured out all kinds of grievances from the outer sect to Chen Xiang. “The inner sect only needs the outer sect to work, and Online Casino doesn’t accept the outer sect disciples at all!” Li Minqing sighed and said: “So they don’t need the outer sect disciples to become inner disciples at all, and they crazily squeeze the outer sect.” “There should be outer baccarat disciples every year, can they become inner disciples?” Chen Xiang asked. “There are, but there are very few who can enter the inner sect!” Li Minqing said: “It’s not that Surebet247 is not up to the standard, but that the inner sect recruits the number of disciples every year, but most of the places are controlled by chelsa. In his hands, those Yitian disciples, Endorphina and the others rarely select disciples from the outer sect!” “Why?” Chen Xiang asked. “Because when Yitian’s disciples select their disciples, they all have a certain amount of interest to feed them! The ones they select are all from aristocratic families. As for the disciples from outside sects, most of them have no background, and they all do hard work.” Li Minqing sighed road. “So, in the inner sect, only those from roulette



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