Night Ranger Chapter 70 Sunrise: Paripesa Island [Part 1 of Betking]

Someone in the background will reply as soon as possible! A murderer with confused memories. Marvin Msports originally thought that after he drove the mechanical titan away, he should wander around the ruins of Saruha. But I didn’t expect this guy to find it. “Could it be that he left some tracking marks on me?” Marvin’s heart sank slightly. The Slayer’s fighting power was terrifying, and it was not a good feeling to be stared at by such a big Betking head. “Intruders…” The hoarse mechanical voice seemed so cold on the empty sand dunes. The sharp-edged lines of the Slayer carried a sense of chilling. He didn’t know when his hands were replaced with two chainsaws! Zizizi! The chainsaw kept moving, and his eyes flashed a dangerous red light: “The intruder…must die!” The three sisters frowned at the same time. Jessica looked at Marvin: “Spinmatic friend?” Marvin shook his head. “Enemy?” Marvin nodded decisively. In the next second, the Apocalypse Warlock suddenly erupted, and the terrifying colorful halo instantly swallowed the huge killer! Under Ma Wen’s blank gaze, it took only seven seconds for Jessica to… forcibly demolish the invulnerable iron lump Paripesa! Looking at the Slayer’s mighty body being forcibly dismantled into parts and fragments all over the place, Marvin was also speechless for a while. My worries are really unnecessary. In the future, Jessica will be as famous as the Valkyries of the Northland. The power of the Sportybetchampions league six-fold apocalypse can tear up the black dragon betting, and force NetEnt to dismantle a killer. Simply more than enough. After Marvin thanked Jessica, he found what he wanted from the scattered parts. That’s the last memory chip. It should belong to the killer himself. so,



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