Aoshi Danshen Chapter 44Bet9ja83 Six NetEnt Chaos

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Emperor Xiao also quickly realized that something was wrong, he really did not expect that Chen Xiang could control such a terrifying affiliate space power! The spatial fluctuations released by the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths at this time seemed to tear apart the space. The shock waves in the space were very strong, and the entire space where the Holy Profound Star was located was fluctuating! This space shock actually caused Shengxuan Star to receive a great impact. The entire star body reacted strongly to the violent space fluctuation, and the creatures on the star felt extremely uncomfortable at this moment! Emperor Xiao suddenly roared angrily, blasted the Golden Wolf King away with extremely strong force, and then rushed to Chen Xiang’s side! He knew very well that if Chen Xiang was not stopped, then Pragmatic Play Supreme Altar would definitely be in danger for Nairabet! Golden Wolf King is very difficult to deal with Surebet247, even though he is seriously injured now, he still uses his strong body to stand in front! Emperor Xiao was going to rush towards Livescore, but the Golden Wolf King turned into a dragon in an instant, leaped over like lightning, and then wrapped around Emperor Xiao tightly! Emperor Xiao roared furiously, and crazily bombarded the Golden Wolf King’s body, peeling off dragon scales one by one, only to see that the Golden Wolf King’s body was covered with scars in a blink of an eye! In addition to attacking the body of the Golden Wolf King, Emperor Xiao is also constantly attacking the soul of the Golden Wolf King Baccarat! The golden wolf king is suffering unprecedented pain at this moment, but he must hold back the pain and delay Emperor Xiao! Especially now, the Golden Wolf King sees hope, because the spatial fluctuations released by Chen Xiang’s Divine Mirror of the Six Paths are very strong at this moment, anyone in real madrid can see that Chen Xiang wants to send the Supreme Altar to the Supreme Altar through space teleportation. go! Once the Supreme Altar is thrown out of the Saint Profound Champions League star, away from the Saint Profound Star, then they can compete



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