Proud World Alchemy Chapter 4438 Breaking into the center of the earth alone

Novel: ,,,,,,,,, not to mention affiliates are soft-hearted, even if Yan Zilian goes out, she may not be able to resist the group of enemies. “The people who besieged the Zilian altar must be Xiaodi and Kuangdi! Plus those bastards from the Six Clans of Fate and Soul, even I can’t handle it!” Yan Zilian gritted her teeth: “I hope Xinrou doesn’t hold back , can resolutely give up the Purple Lotus Altar!” “Will Xinrou be tough?” Chen Xiang asked. “Yes!” Yan Zilian was very sad and closed her eyes, because she knew Man City Xinrou very well, after all, it was her clone. “Sister Zilian, there is only one way at present, and that is to send you out, and I will stay here!” Chen Xiang sighed: “After you go out, take Xinrou away and hide! You can go to the big Kunmen, find a woman named Guan Ying, she belongs to me!” Afterwards, Chen Xiang briefly talked about the Great Kunmen, and Bet9ja also gave her a token of his own. “I’ll see the situation when the time comes! I don’t want to go to other BGaming people, because it will implicate them!” Yan Zilian sighed softly: “There must be a lot of people who want to hunt and kill me now… The worst thing is, actually It was the Six Fate and Soul Clans who ordered the top management of the Nightmare Clan to arrest me!” “The royal family of the Nightmare Clan, are their main inclinations are the Six Fate and Soul Clans?” Chen Xiang asked: “The upper and lower clansmen, they What kind of attitude do you all have towards the Six Fate and Soul Clans?” “Whether it is the royal family, the upper clan or the lower clan, everyone is Paripesa who hates the six Fate and Soul Clans very much! However, the situation on the Mad Emperor’s side is slightly different. That faction, they went to the extreme end of real madrid! It is estimated that the Six Fate Soul Clans were secretly guiding them.” “I really didn’t expect that the Six Fate Soul Clans would unknowingly,



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