Alchemy God Chapter 4408 baccarat God Lord Tianwei

Full text champions league reading The center of the mirror of six paths suddenly exploded, and then a crimson dragon appeared, rushing straight to Guan Yanchao of Msports below! This was released by Chen Xiang after using a lot of dzi beads, and he secretly felt heartbroken, if he didn’t use a lot of dzi beads, it would be difficult to interrupt Guan Yanchao. Although Guan Yanchao has been suppressed for many years, his soul is still very strong, and he has the life soul pearl. Over the years, his soul has become much stronger, so he can feel that the magic mirror of six paths is a very terrifying existence , because there are six life souls in it! Therefore, Guan Yanchao doesn’t care about Yan Zilian now, and can only focus on defense! He thought that relying on the Soul Orb, he would be able to defeat the Chilong Lord who suddenly appeared! Both Yan Zilian and Xinrou knew about the existence of the Chilong God Lord. When they were on Chilong Island, it was the Chilong God Lord who blocked the forebet door of their space. People who can have such means are naturally very powerful. It’s just that they don’t know that this Red Dragon God Lord is Chen Xiang! “Where is the miscellaneous hair coming from? Your grandpa, I am the strongman of the six fate and soul clans of Slot Games. If you see me, grandpa, hurry up and kneel down!” The orb in his chest trembled continuously, and a terrifying force was brewing. Yan Zilian was also injured just now. Although it was only the time orb and did not have a particularly powerful destructive power, it still caused a lot of trauma to her. Xinrou immediately pulled Yan Zilian away from Guan Yanchao. “Let’s go to the Zilian altar!” Yan Zilian immediately entered the altar with Xin Rou, she was still more worried about Chen Xiang inside the altar. After entering the Purple Lotus Altar



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