World Proud Pill God Chapter Spinmatic4393 forebet red and blue different fruits

Read the full text, “Sister Zilian, brother Shen, please!” Xinrou is now completely relieved of BGaming, because the process of Yan Zilian accepting Chen Xiang went smoothly, and there was no accident. They had discussed with Leap before that Chen Xiang would lurk here, and then look for an opportunity to steal that mysterious pill from Yu Zilian. Later Chen Xiang said, if Yu Zilian could see the hope of breakthrough, then she wouldn’t think about dying with the people from the Six Fate and Soul Clans. Anyway, their goal is to prevent Yan Zilian from eating the pill, and not allowing her to go to the six families of Minghun and perish together. “Xinrou, you go back first! If there is anything, I will contact you.” Yan Zilian waved her hand lightly and said. “Sister Zilian, younger brother Shen, then I will bid farewell first, goodbye!” Xinrou left immediately. “Chen Xiang, can I conduct a comprehensive test on you? Surebet247” Yu Zilian said suddenly: “Nairabet, don’t worry, BetWinner, I don’t want to take you as an apprentice! I just want to understand your situation!” Yes!” Chen Xiang guessed that Yan Zilian wanted to test his age. Sure enough, Yan Zilian took out several instruments and conducted a comprehensive examination of his body. Not only did Mozzartbet check the age of Chen Xiang’s body, but Parimatch also checked the age of Chen Xiang’s soul, but they all showed that they were between fourteen and sixteen years old. Yan Zilian had previously suspected that Chen Xiang was a reborn person, so when testing the soul, the age of the soul must be detected, but it was not. This made her even more surprised, if Chen Xiang’s soul was very ancient, then it would make sense for Chen Xiang to refine that quality of the Nightmare Yuan Pill. After testing, she determined that Chen Xiang was just a



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