Aoshi Danshen Chapter 43331xBet Soul Yuan Bet9ja Seal

Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, Chen Xiang asked Shen Zhenyi to put Xueying on the Mirror of Six Paths! The mirror of the Six Paths Mirror faces upward, and then becomes much larger. There are six Tai Chi formations on the mirror surface. In addition to the Yin and Yang Pisces patterns, the six Tai Chi formations also have six different colors swirling around the outer circle. Shen Zhenyi watched from the side, feeling more and more that this mirror is Nairabet. She and Roulette have been watching Chen Xiang these days, and she has long known that this mirror is very heaven-defying, but now she still feels that she underestimated the horror of this mirror . Chen Xiang was at the side, gently placing one hand on Xueying’s forehead! “Start!” Chen Xiang and Xiao Jing’s younger sister communicated with each other through spiritual consciousness. Soon Surebet247, Shen Xiang saw little sister Jing in the depths of Xueying’s soul! This surprised him very much, because sister Xiaojing was able to transform Xueying into her real body in the depths of Xueying’s soul! Chen Xiang is in other people’s souls, it’s just that his consciousness can get in! Sister Xiaojing can turn her betting consciousness into a cute little girl, even for him, this is the first time that sister Xiaojing’s soul is so strong that she forebets! “Brother, I’m going to break that seal later! You are protecting me…” Sister Xiaojing BetWinner said seriously, “I seem to have unsealed this kind of seal before!” “Really?” Chen Xiang was secretly startled, Sister Xiaojing actually has such an experience, it can be seen that when she was following the Creator God, she had confronted the Six Souls many times. “I don’t remember the details, but I had this subconscious feeling that I should be able to unblock successfully!” Sister Xiaojing said: “During the process of unblocking, I will be in danger, so I need my brother’s protection!



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