Aoshi Danshen Chapter Betting4318 Pragmatic play Earthquake

“This door is too big, if it is opened, the ground will definitely be blown open!” Shen Zhenyi was also shocked. boom! boom! boom! The huge ground door, while trembling, made a loud noise, very scary, as if it would be blasted open at any time. Chen Xiang has already made the Divine Mirror of Six Paths rise rapidly, and at the same time took out a communication talisman to contact the BetWinner Crimson Dragon patriarch. “Still can’t get in touch, the spatial fluctuations are getting stronger and stronger, interfering with the communication talisman!” Chen Xiang frowned and said, “I don’t know how the situation above is!” The people of the Holy Gate can also rely on their flying ability to avoid heavy casualties.” Shen Zhenyi said: “I just don’t know what kind of crisis Chilong Island will face after that door is opened. Do we still want to stay on Red Dragon Island?” “Of course! I need a lot of dzi beads now!” Chen Xiang said: “In order to collect red dragon eggs, I have very few dzi beads left!” The biggest reliance is that if there are not enough dzi beads, the power of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths cannot be exerted at all. “Go up and talk!” Shen Zhenyi said. “That door will be opened soon, Chilong Island will indeed face a great crisis.” Chen Xiang just wanted to quickly dig some dzi beads, live betting and stay away from this place. “The ground door is so huge, so the dragon egg shouldn’t be able to hold down the ground door, right?” Shen Zhenyi said with some doubts: “Although the dragon egg is also very big, it still looks too small compared to that door.” Click!” “Because the dragon egg has a special spinmatic ability, it can swallow the energy that burst out from the Leap of that door.” Chen Xiang said: “That door can be regarded as breaking through the Endorphina space.



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