Proud Pragmatic play Pill God BetWinner Chapter 4288 Red Dragon Clan

Read the full text, “Empress Phoenix said that the person who can take away Suzaku’s tenderness and is recognized again is a friend of the Red Dragon Clan!” said the person. “The Red Dragon Clan? Aren’t you Red Demons?” Shen Zhenyi looked at them and said in surprise, “What the hell are you?” “We are the Red Dragon Clan! We became like this after being cursed! Over the years , the outside world has been spreading rumors to smear us.” The red dragon man said angrily. Chen Xiang was shocked, because this red dragon clan obviously has a lot to do with killing red dragons! Why is there a red dragon clan? He never knew! Xueying was able to get in touch with him, which means that Xueying chelsa must know a lot of things. “By the way, who is the Phoenix Empress?” Chen Xiang asked. “Her livescore name is Xueying. She told us at the beginning that there will be two women who will come to take away Suzaku’s tenderness!” The red dragon man looked at Chen Xiang with doubts in his eyes and said: “This girl , you don’t look like a woman?” The atmosphere was a little tense, but Shen Zhenyi almost laughed out loud! “Brother, I’m a boy!” Chen Xiang was also somewhat dumbfounded. “Ah? The Msports Phoenix Empress said that the ones who take away the tenderness of Suzaku man city will belong to two women!” After the red dragon man finished speaking, he looked at Shen Zhenyi again, and asked, “Who is this woman?” Miss, are you the Demon Queen?” “I am!” Shen Zhenyi nodded. “Where is the Master of the Mother Palace that day?” The Chilong man looked at Chen Xiang again: “Could it be that the Master of the Tianmu Palace was reincarnated and turned into a boy?” “No!” Chen Xiang hurriedly said: “She can’t come! Brother, Don’t care about these roulette details, now Suzaku’s tenderness returns to the Lord,



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