Pragmatic play Alchemy God Chapter 4228 Dakun Endorphina Gate Meeting

The Aoshi Dragon Emperor, who was domineering just now, is like a little glutton in a blink of an eye, gnawing on that sweet red fruit. “It’s delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Sanctuary, and it’s the first time I’ve eaten decent fruit in live betting at Casino Slot.” Long Xueyi was full of praise while eating. “The young ladies of Tianmu Holy Palace didn’t give you something delicious?” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Their Tianmu Holy Palace should not lack this kind of holy fruit, right?” “Of course they gave it, but it’s not as delicious as yours.” , and their Betway’s holy fruit is shriveled, not watery, and not sweet enough.” Long Xueyi complained: “It’s not that they didn’t bring out good Parimatch to entertain me, they said that the sacred fruit of the Sanctuary is premier league , They’re all about the same.” In fact, Long Xueyi’s mouth is too picky, she has eaten a lot of good things in the past, especially the fruits, which are specially bred in Baihua Tiandi, and the taste is very good. When you come to the sanctuary, if you don’t choose carefully, it’s hard to satisfy her taste. And Chen Xiang’s holy fruit is naturally different, firstly it is watered with the inanimate dew, and then it grows within the magic mirror of six paths. The things planted in the Sportybet Six Paths betting Magic Mirror are naturally very different. The Six Paths Magic Mirror itself is very magical, and sister Xiaojing seems to have very rich planting experience. After Long Xueyi finished eating one, Chen Xiang gave her another kind of sweet and sour blue fruit, she also ate it sourly, but still praised it constantly. It was because she was not wary in front of Chen Xiang, that’s why she showed her original appearance, mainly because she didn’t know why, but she was so relaxed in front of Chen Xiang. Even before, she was in Tianmu Holy Palace



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