Night Ranger Chapter 41 mention rumble more 22Bet Max

However, what surprised Pale Hand was that although he had seen through the secret of the goblin treasure house, after pressing the button, the door did not open! “Did I make a mistake?” Skye instinctively felt something was wrong. The guy called, gave him an uneasy feeling. It’s also strange to say, chelsa is a legendary master herself, why would she feel uneasy about a fourth-order ranger Paripesa? Mozzartbet Skye frowned. He knew something about Saruha, but he didn’t know much more than the Tarantula. He can ignore the Nightmare Crystal, but he can’t pass through these thick stone gates. After all, he is not a wizard, no way, and he doesn’t have wall-penetrating props like Forebets. “According to the blueprint given to me by the tarantula, there is a small treasure house after passing the crystal hall. It is said that there are goblin treasures inside.” Said, the correct entrance to the treasure should be this door.” “Why can’t it be opened?” Pale Hand frowned, he is not an idiot, obviously, if this door can’t be opened, then only a possibility. It was shut from the inside. No matter what the reason for the roulette is, Skye’s plan to easily kill Gwen has failed, and now he must quickly pass through these stone gates, otherwise God knows where the two so-called pathfinders can go. Although he didn’t have much to lose if he couldn’t complete the mission, but he had sworn in front of the Council of Elders that he would take Gwen’s life. He glanced back at the crowd immersed in the crystal luster, his eyes flashed



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