Ke Fengping was in extreme pain, and let out a shrill roar, but Chen Xiang had no intention of letting him go. Ke Yumeng had already trotted over and hid behind Chen Xiang, which made her feel completely safe. Seeing Ke Fengping’s appearance at this time, she didn’t feel sympathetic at all. After this incident, she now knows very well that if she is merciful, she and the people around her will die. She finally understood that Ke Fengping was an unscrupulous person, in order to achieve his goal, Surebet247 would definitely torture her crazily and force her to poison Chen Xiang! In the end, it might not be possible to save her father, and even continue to threaten her! “Yumeng, please save me… please plead with Mrs. Shen. I am your elder brother, are you just watching me being killed?” Ke Fengping cried for help. “Bad guy, why did I save you?” Ke Yumeng looked at Ke Fengping with a cold face. Chen Xiang was very relieved just now, and patted Ke Yumeng’s head. If Ke Yumeng interceded, it meant that the beatings she received were not enough. The reason why he didn’t make a move right away was to see how Ke Yumeng would respond. The little Leap girl was quite satisfied with Ke Fengping’s baccarat before. “If I die, you won’t be able to explain it when you go back!” Ke Fengping said with a grim expression, “Don’t forget, my mother is the punishment elder, and Ke Qiutong also knows what I did this time. If I don’t go back, she will definitely I will explain it to my mother.” Ke Yumeng was also a little worried when he heard him say that. “Yumeng, don’t worry, I can handle it.” Chen Xiang had already thought of a way. Ke Yumeng also nodded, she believed in Chen Xiang very much, and didn’t ask what it was



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