Proud Spinmatic Surebet 247 World Pill God Chapter 4168 Big Brother

As soon as Wang Tianwen said this, not only the disciples present were greatly shocked, but BetWinner and even the other disciples of 1xBet Runewen Academy were shocked, unbelievable! There are so many middle-aged and elderly disciples in Fuwenyuan, and they have endured for a long time, but they can’t even become Zijin Yuling’s disciples with their livescore. Even a Slot Games with a deep background like Fu Yuanyuan couldn’t get Zijin Yuling. As for this dark-spotted boy, the Slot Games was just an entry-level assessment, and he directly obtained the Purple Gold Jade Order, which is simply unbelievable! Fu Yuya was stunned for a long time before shouting: “Impossible! Dean Wang, don’t issue Zijin Yuling indiscriminately! Why does this fellow affiliate become a disciple of the Zijin Yuling of the Rune Academy? The other disciples of the Rune Academy agree Is it?” “The Rune Rune Academy hasn’t produced a Zijin Yuling disciple for many years, you just send it to a kid who just started. What do the other disciples of the Rune Rune Betting Institute think? They will be disappointed!” A man, followed by The echo. Wang Tianwen glanced at the other Rune School disciples in the courtyard, and then said coldly: “Do you welcome this new disciple? Do you agree that I will give him the Purple Gold and Jade Order?” There are hundreds of disciples in the Rune School, When they learned that Chen Xiang was Zijin Yuling’s disciple, they were only shocked, but they didn’t show dissatisfaction. Because they have been in Leap Institute for so many years, they know what kind of person their dean is. The dean and elders of the Rune Academy are very proud, and they will never issue the Purple Gold Jade Order casually. Because there are many elders from the rumble clan of the old ancestral family of the Dakunmen who have come to intercede many times, just to ask for a piece of purple gold and jade tokens, but they have never been successful. “Welcome to the chief senior brother!” A middle-aged man suddenly raised his voice.



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