Proud Man City Shidan God Chapter 4138 Beiyuan Real Madrid Star Field

Chen Xiang really didn’t expect this Guan Ying to be so innocent, if this kind of stupid Baitian went out to mess around, he would suffer many vicious beatings and live betting from all corners of the country. “Guan Ying, don’t look at me as a strong person, but I am a very honest and principled person! I am an alchemist, and I will never use my alchemy to do despicable things!” Chen Xiang said Endorphina almost believed it herself. “Mr. Shen, you are worthy of being a powerful alchemist! With your sincerity and sincerity in treating the alchemy champions league, you are able to create the alchemy.” Guan Ying admired Chen Xiang even more. “Betting Hair Growth Pill doesn’t last long, so the price has to be renegotiated, how about this, you tell me about how many pills you need, and then I’ll quote you a fixed price.” Chen Xiang said. “I need three thousand grains!” Guan Ying replied directly. As soon as Chen Xiang heard it, he probably knew that these three thousand pills were all for the Kun people to eat. There should be quite a lot of Kun people, and the 3,000 grains are only for the core members. Maybe, it is still necessary to reward the baccarat people of the tribe, and then do some tricks to make the tribe work harder. Chen Xiang is very familiar with this kind of routine. “Three thousand pills… If Pragmatic Play doesn’t do this, you give me 30 billion dzi beads, and I will refine three thousand pills for you, how about it?” Chen Xiang said. “Three billion?” Guan Ying’s tone seemed full of surprise, obviously Slot Games thought it was too cheap. “This is a huge amount, and it won’t be easy for you to raise it!” Chen Xiang said, “And the duration of the Hair Growth Pill is probably only three years or four years. I’m not sure about the specifics, I only know a rough idea.” Time.” “Mr. Shen, please wait a moment!” Guan Ying was going to



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