Chapter 4123: Six Clans’ Great Nairabet Defeat

The latest station name of the main text: Mu Bi Pavilion Seeing the powerful aura of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths at this moment, the Celestial Clan Mother re-evaluated Chen Xiang’s strength! In fact, she still doesn’t know about Chen Xiang’s killing of Guan Yaoshan before. In her Beking eyes, Chen Xiang is a person who just came out of the 100,000-year Pragmatic Play seal, no matter how strong he is. So the Tianzu mother now only thinks that Chen Xiang’s strength lies in his possession of the baccarat mirror of the six gods. She just felt very puzzled, how did Chen Xiang control such a powerful Six Paths Mirror. A powerful artifact like this was so strong that no one could suppress it at the beginning, but in the end it could only be sealed. If you don’t have the strength to match this kind of artifact, you won’t be able to control the live betting, and you will only be backlashed in the end. The Mirror of the Six Paths became so huge that it appeared in the air, and most people in Yanhengyu saw it, but not many people knew that it was the rumble mirror of the God of the Six Paths. The magic mirror became so huge, covering the sky and the sun, and they couldn’t see the mirror, so they didn’t think it was the magic mirror of six paths. It took a while for Tianzumu to realize that this was the flashscore of the Mirror of Six Paths. On the other side of the Six Clans of Life and Soul, many people were sent outside the sanctuary, and they were frantically increasing their energy, trying to break through the Betting thing that resisted their energy. They didn’t know that it was the Magic Mirror of Six Paths. Knowing that the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths is so powerful, Guan Yaoshan’s soul was reborn in the holy place of their clan, and he is still in a deep sleep. Although Guan Ying knew it, she didn’t dare to speak nonsense, she was afraid of Chen Xiang now. The Six Fate and Soul clans are still somewhat restricted. They can only use the power that can only be used in the sanctuary in the sanctuary, and they cannot exert their most powerful power at all. The law power of the world-defying universe



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