Proud champions league Shidan God Chapter 4108 la liga mirror field

The Mirror of the Six Paths has become so big in LiveScore, and it is still receiving the World-Proud Mountains and Rivers Map in FlashScore. Such a big movement will definitely attract the desire of some man city people in Real Madrid to snatch it, so Chen Xiang was not surprised. Guan Yaoshan seems to be indifferent to the world, but his thoughts at the moment are greedy, wanting to betking to take advantage of other people’s good things, which shows that he is still a betting person in essence. “I thought you were all very noble, don’t you look like a bird now?” Chen Xiang sneered, “It seems that you so-called high-level beings have evolved a hypocritical appearance, and you are essentially Not much progress.” “I’m not trying to snatch your Six Paths Mirror, but because you don’t deserve it! With your personality and strength at this time, it would be a disaster if this kind of thing fell into your hands. I will keep Msports for you temporarily, and when you grow up to the right level, I will definitely return it.” Guan Yaoshan said. “Aiya, such shameless words can be said so righteously. You high-level creatures really opened my eyes.” Chen Xiang laughed and said, “If I don’t deserve to have it, the Six Paths Divine Mirror Paripesa won’t be able to do it at all. In my hands, the reason why I can be in my hands is because only I am worthy!” “I didn’t want to fight with you, don’t force me!” Guan Yaoshan sighed: “You low creatures can’t understand Our ideas, so it is very difficult to communicate!” Chen Xiang is really angry, the person in front of him, it’s fine to take a mouthful of 1xBet and a lowly creature, and he has to be so righteous when he grabs other people’s things, and he even puts on a look that is for your own good. . “Pragmatic play, fuck your uncle!” Chen Xiang shouted loudly, the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Saber in his hand went crazy.



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