Aoshi Danshen Chapter Betking407champions league Chapter 8 Law Edge

Theme Mode: Restore Default Author: Silent Little Thief Update Time: 20081305:12 Although Mu Lin, Elder Bai and Baifeng Bailang were all taken down by Chen Xiang from the Slot Games, their strength is still very strong. Without them, the Temple of All Heavens would be difficult to function. Although Reina is the King of Thunder, she is not proficient in this kind of thing, and Paripesa, with her powerful strength, shouldn’t waste management trifles. “It’s okay if the soul is still there! Just create another body for them.” Leina said: “Give me all their souls, they rumble have spare bodies!” “The bodies still have spare bodies ?” Chen Xiang felt a little unbelievable. “We have a thing in the Temple of the Heavens, which can quickly replicate a strong body. Especially in the realm of the gods, the body is like a skin, which can be discarded at any time, as long as the soul is well protected.” Reina said: “Master, you also use the powerful You should be very clear about the rebirth of their souls, right?” “That’s true…but is their spare body strong enough?” Chen Xiang was a little worried: “If it’s too weak, it’s easy to be killed.” “As long as they don’t meet you like Master, it will be very difficult for others to kill them.” Leina said: “After this time, they will learn a lesson and won’t be so la liga to underestimate the enemy!” Chen Xiang put Mu Lin’s souls away It came out, but he didn’t hand it over to Lena right away, because he still had to sign a contract with these souls, and these dangerous outsiders must be under his control. After signing the soul contract, the soul was handed over to Lena, and each soul was transferred into a bead. “Put these beads in them



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