Proud NetEnt Shidan God Chapter 4Parimatch063 Lan Qingtian

The latest site name of the main text: Mubi Pavilion Chen Xiang had guessed before that if Zhutiandian was looking for the heaven and earth pill furnace for the premier league, he might encounter very powerful competitors, and even fight in the 22Bet top ten heaven and earth. That’s why the Temple of the Heavens will end up in person, making arrangements in the Aoshi Tiandi early on, and secretly sending Endorphina a large number of extraterrestrial forces in. In addition, the Temple of All Heavens also involved several major forces in the Outer Heaven Sanctuary, such as the Extreme Sacred Sect and the Horned Beast Race. And this Wutianshen Palace has fought back and forth with the All Heavens Palace, and if it can become the opponent of the All Heavens Palace, it must not be fighting alone. In other words, Wutianshen Palace has also arranged rumble in the top ten worlds in advance! Chen Xiang and the others were able to discover the Hidden Empire hidden in the Temple of All Heavens, but Betting is where the base camp of the Palace of Wutianshen is, they still don’t even know! Then there is only one possibility, Wutianshen Palace is hidden in other worlds. There are ten worlds as many as Liverpool, and some worlds are rare, so it is very possible that Wutianshen Palace is hidden in such a place. “I’m talking about friends from Zhutian Temple, we had a big conflict with you three years ago at Wutian Temple, don’t you remember our Wutian Temple?” asked the blue-shirted youth. “So it’s your Wutianshen Palace? Why do you come to our territory?” Chen Xiang deliberately asked in a very arrogant tone. The blue shirt youth seemed to have gotten used to the baccarat and didn’t dislike the bet game. “You suddenly revealed where your roulette is hiding, so I naturally want to come and see! Why, didn’t you come out to welcome me?” The blue-shirted youth laughed. “Welcome Msports, what are you guys doing?” Chen Xiang snorted coldly: “The weak chicken of Wutianshen Palace, what qualifications do you have for me to come out to welcome you?” “This little brother,



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