Night Ranger BetWinner roulette Chapter 28 to vent 【Third update】

Tips: The temporary bookshelf above the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register In the vast sea, the waves gradually subside. The helmsman changed the course and headed for the inland sea, because this route is advancing along a specific ocean current, first following the ocean current to the east, and then turning to the northwest, the speed is the fastest. But it was also because of this that when Jiangang No. 1 sailed for the first time, it encountered pirates entrenched in the open sea. In the south, due to the high-handed rule of the 22Bet Wizards League, there is actually not much room for pirates to survive. Once a pirate is caught, there is only one way to hang. This is not the Middle Ages in Europe, this is the age of wizards. The Southern Wizarding Union can even fight against the ancient red dragon, let alone some small pirates. Therefore, most pirates dare not provoke the Nairabet ships of the baccarat alliance, and they generally operate in the open sea, and only dare to rob some island countries. The pirates in the north are said to be more rampant. After all, there is no alliance between the northern city-states. They are all scattered forces and cannot unite against pirates. After the overall improvement of Sword La Liga Port No. 1, the sailing speed is actually very fast, but because it is full of cargo and has a deep draft, it is still not as good as some pirate ships. So even though the helmsman changed direction, the pirate fleet still pursued. Standing at the stern of the ship, Marvin could see a total of seven ships in this black real madrid sailing fleet, among which the three ships in Liverpool seemed to be gradually being thrown away by the other four ships because they were full of cargo. He visually measured the distance and speed between the two sides, and the four ships would probably be able to catch up with Swordport One before dark. And if there is no problem with the course, tomorrow evening, the sword



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