Aoshi Danshen 1xBet Chapter 39Surebet24758 Qi Lian Square

Chen Xiang is very curious about la liga, how did Prince Tianheng break through the livescore so fast? Among the proud world, bet game should still have the eighth level Taoist Realm under the age of 35, but the only one who came to participate in this competition is Tianheng Prince Nairabet. Although Prince Tianheng is arrogant on the surface, his blood is very restrained. Otherwise, if he releases his blood, he will definitely scare others. When signing up, BetWinner will test blood gas, but people who control blood gas well can hide part of blood gas. Many young heroes don’t deliberately hide their blood, because they don’t want to be looked down upon. After all, many people came for this competition with a heart of comparison. If you deliberately hide your blood gas and it is found to be very low, even if you explain yourself, others will look down on you. Prince Tianheng was able to hide during the test, and many people were present at the time, so it was suspected that he was only at the sixth level of Taoist Realm. Now that Prince Tianheng says that he is at the eighth level of Taoism and Human Realm, others will naturally not believe it. Because according to the thoughts of many young people in the Premier League present, if they have the cultivation base of Dao Leap Human Realm Eighth Level, they will definitely shock the audience when they test their blood. Only Chen Xiang knew that Prince Tianheng was pretending, deliberately making people think that he was arrogant, in order to make people look down on him even more, so he also said that he was at the eighth level of Taoism, so many people thought he was bluffing even more. Chen Xiang saw real madrid come out at a glance, Prince Tianheng pretended to be arrogant, but Online Casino was secretly a scheming whore, he suddenly felt that Prince Tianheng was very interesting. The rules of the competition were unknown to the young people present, but Chen Xiang knew it very well. After all, this competition was his plan, and the specific rules were taught by Xing Yan.



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