Dark Night Affiliate Ranger Chapter 14 Arrival [Third update! Betway】

Marvin has never been very good at naming this kind of problem. ▲∴▲∴, he hesitated for a while, and decided to put this question aside for the time being, and talk about it when he has inspiration. The most urgent task is to find the BGaming Secret Shadow Diamond hidden in the Great Shadow Temple. Marvin remembered at the time that Poker was hidden in the secret room behind the statue in the prayer hall. Spinmatic is only the prayer hall today, and more than half of it has collapsed. It will take a lot of effort for him to find it among the ruins. Holding the Cerberus in his arms, he searched all the way, relying on his memory, he quickly cleared a path. “This place is where the statue used to be.” “I remember there is a side hall next to it?” Marvin carefully recalled the scene of his previous life. However, at this moment, a slight cry of a baby suddenly rang in his ears! Marvin was startled! A dangerous instinct made him quickly enter the fighting state! However, he looked around and found nothing unusual. “Where did the baby come from?” “What happened to that feeling just now? Mozzartbet” In his previous life, Marvin didn’t destroy the Great Shadow Temple, he just stole the Secret Shadow Diamond, which made the Shadow Prince furious . The two sides forged a deep hatred. Until the end of the game, Marvin succeeded in killing the god himself, and then Baccarat became a god as the master of the night, and after taking over the priesthood of Glenos, this period of grievances is over. Speaking of it, Marvin is not really Slot Games defeating Glenos. After all, he died more often than Betking in the fight between the two sides. However, the player is a creature against the sky, the template of the son of gold. Can be revived continuously. Even the gods can’t do anything about it



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