BetWinner Proud Parimatch Pill God Chapter 3898 Black Bat’s Performance

In the inner hall, the third prince wearing a golden costume sat at the head, with a 22Bet posture high above the Nairabet. Headmaster Xingyan seemed to be a respectable old man, but at the moment he could only stand Next to the third prince. “Heibat, what’s the matter with you? You actually killed the chief disciple of Xingyan Sect!” The third prince’s voice was full of dissatisfaction, and his eyes were cold. Headmaster Xing Yan, who was standing next to him, snorted coldly: “I planned to use this as an excuse to attack Chen Xiang, and then make the Ye family pay a Premier League price, but you ran out to disturb this matter!” ” Third Highness, because of the urgency of the matter, my subordinates didn’t have time to report to you! Huang Ling was indeed killed by Chen Xiang.” Heiba ​​knelt on the ground with a calm expression. Headmaster Xingyan was furious, but he didn’t attack. “Continue talking!” The third prince waved his hand to stop the teacher Xingyan from getting angry. “Because Chen Xiang is already a running dog of his subordinates, and his subordinates have completely controlled him!” The black bat said la liga: “Your Majesty the Third Highness does not know that Chen Xiang is a genius, and his detoxification methods are extremely clever. He was the one who rescued him that day.” Get rid of Baixu, and help Baixu and Bai Yanqing detoxify.” Hearing what we said, the third prince and head teacher Xingyan were shocked. “The poison in Ye Huahua was also solved by Chen Xiang!” The black bat looked at Headmaster Xingyan, and said again: “Uncle Li next to Xingyanhou, who was hit by Xingyan’s blood curse palm before, is Chen Xiang Help to heal!” “Impossible!” Xing Parimatchyan head teacher shouted anxiously: “He is a young man, how could he heal my Xingyan Blood Curse Palm? There are no more than five people in the Great Yan Empire who can heal this injury! “Uncle Li was indeed cured! Not only Uncle Li, but also the leader of the Black Flame Gang.



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