Proud Liverpool Alchemy Chapter 3883 baccarat Baihualou

Baixu didn’t come by herself, there was a hunchbacked old man beside her. When Li Bo went out to pick up Bai Xu, he could tell at a glance that the Paripesa hunchbacked old man beside her was Bai Yanqing disguised as a Premier League. Bai Yanqing put on a human skin mask and dressed up as a hunchbacked old man, while Bai Xu also dressed up as a middle-aged woman. Now that they are wanted, they still dare to enter Xinghuo City, which shows that they are determined to seek refuge with Xingyanhou. They could have gone far away from Slot Games. With their abilities, they are not afraid of not being able to find a backer. However, they still took the risk of Mozzartbet returning to Starfire City, and wanting to seek refuge with Xingyanhou, it must be thinking of revenge and fighting against the royal family. Bai Yanqing was usually very cautious and did not dare to make a risky decision, but now they took refuge in Xing Yanhou, but it was very risky. First of all, they are very likely to be betrayed by Marquis Xingyan, even if they are not betrayed, they may be wiped out by the empire if they join Marquis Xingyan. Both Bai Yanqing and Bai Xu were invited to the living room in the restricted area. After they came in, they saw the black bat kneeling on the ground with pain on its face. And Chen Xiang was sitting on the chair next to him, drinking tea, watching the black bat endure the pain. Black Bat didn’t succumb so quickly, it would take him a while to torture him before he could make him completely loyal to Chen Xiang. Bai Yanqing and Bai Xu were very surprised when they saw the miserable appearance of the black bat Evolution game. This is a powerful servant beside the third prince, but now he is kneeling on the ground in such a humble way, and he is tortured so much that he wants to die. “I was right before, right? The Great Yan imperial family has never regarded you as human beings! In their eyes, you are not even a fart.” Chen Xiang said. his



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