Forebet Proud Dan God Chapter 38Mozzartbet68 Female Dragon King

Bai Yanqing snorted inwardly, because this mysterious young boy was flirting with his daughter, of course he couldn’t say anything, after all, he was just rescued by others. He is now able to stand up, but has not fully recovered. “I suggest you go to Xingyanhou!” Chen Xiang said: “Trust me, go to him! Otherwise, you can only leave the Great Yan Empire!” “I still hope to contact His Majesty, I want to ask clearly !” Bai Yanqing said. poker “I have a guess! I think both you and Xingyanhou will be eliminated. The third prince learned about the Evolution game in advance, so he has no scruples, and wants to snatch sister Baixu now, so as not to fall into the hands of other princes.” In hand.” Chen Xiang said. “Mr. Shen, why do you think so?” Bai Xu hurriedly asked. “Excuse me, Uncle Bai, how long have you been the Spark City Lord?” Chen Xiang asked Livescore. “Eight years!” Bai Yanqing said. “In the past eight years, have you ever suppressed Marquis Xingyan?” Chen Xiang asked again. “No! I have never had any conflicts with him, our relationship is very ordinary, I even rarely meet him!” After Bai Yanqing finished speaking, she found the problem. “When you become the city lord, you want to suppress the forces in the city, and even weaken them! The Xingyan Gate can be completely controlled by the empire, and you don’t need to move it. But Xingyanhou is not… However, you haven’t Betting him much for eight years. !” When Chen Xiang said this, Bai Xu also understood. “So the royal family suspects that my father is colluding with Bet9ja Xing Yanhou to plot rebellion?” Bai Xu frowned, “But this is too hasty, isn’t it?” “It’s better to kill the wrong than let it go! But it is not irreplaceable in the empire! So if you kill it, you can still stand up!” Chen Xiang



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