Aoshi Danshen forebet chapter 3838Betway effect is remarkable

After Lin Yuya finished eating, she immediately felt the heat in her abdomen, and then there were flashescores all over her body. “Sister Lin, my master said, after eating, I have to find a way to control the rambling airflow in my body, and then refine it into the flesh.” Chen Xiang hurriedly said after seeing Lin Yuya’s situation. 31 Xiao live betting said that the effect of this elixir is very good, but it didn’t show up when used on his own body, but it can be said that the effect is remarkable when used on a rookie like Lin Yuya from Slot Games. “Great, is this the power of the panacea? It’s much better than taking those medicinal baths!” Lin Yuya betting immediately sat down and began to exercise. At this time, Chen Xiang concentrated his consciousness in his eyes, allowing him to roughly “see” the movement of the airflow in Lin Yuya’s body. “This technique…has a lot of flaws.” Chen Xiang immediately saw many problems, and he suspected that it was inherited from the Lin family’s ancestors. If the cultivation method is not good, it will affect the whole family. The Lin family is a second-rate cultivating family, but over the years, many juniors have not practiced well, which is most likely due to the influence of the exercises. “It should have been revised, but it hasn’t been improved, but even worse.” Chen Xiang saw some problems again. The Lin family must have discovered the problem, so after modifying it for a while, the effect is also effective, but the Evolution game will show different effects on different people. For example, it was bad on Lin Ruhu, but it was better on Lin Yuya than before the modification. “The Lin family is really acting recklessly, modifying things without knowing the situation, this will lead to the decline of the whole family!” Chen Xiang shook his head. “Sister Lin, my master taught me some luck formulas, how can I refine this kind of pill, you



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