Proud Liverpool Shidan God Live Betting Chapter 3793 Heavenly Demon Ginseng

With the help of Xiao Xianglin, Chen Xiang quickly established contact with this set of Forebet Slaying Evil Dragon Armor, a perfect fusion, as long as he moves his mind, he can release the dragon armor. “It’s really good. Long Yue still has a lot of dragon scales. I’ll ask her to give me some.” Chen Xiang praised. Long Yue also came back. After she opened the door, she saw Xiao Xianglin hitting the black armor on Chen Xiang’s body with a small hammer. She knew before that Chen Xiang had a master, not only a mantra celestial master, but also proficient in refining weapons. When she saw Xiao Xianglin, she thought Xiao Xianglin was the woman Chen Xiang had found, but when she saw Xiao Xianglin testing the armor, she immediately thought of the master Chen Xiang mentioned, but she didn’t expect it to be a woman, although she looked very petite , but very beautiful and moving, she is a rare and exquisite beauty. “Sister Yue…this is my master!” Chen Xiang said hastily. “Hello, Miss Long, I’m Xiao Xianglin, Shen Xiang’s master!” Xiao Xianglin already knew about Long Yue, and was no stranger to Long Yue. It was Long Yue’s first time seeing Chen Xiang’s master, and she didn’t know why she was a bit cautious, because in her eyes, Chen Xiang was a very powerful guy, and her master must be very strong. “Hello!” Long Yue also responded. “Your dragon scale is very good, come and see how I am refining it.” Xiao Xiang smiled. Long Yue walked over to take a look, secretly shocked in her heart, this armor was refined similarly to hers, even much better than hers, and it also allowed Chen Xiang to retract it freely. casino Slot “It’s refined very well, can you refine another set for me? I’ll reward you in return!” Long Yue exclaimed, and then watched Chen Xiang take the armor back into his body, like her



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