World Proud Pill God Chapter 3Parimatch778 Pill Magic Mozzartbet Battle

Huang Tian Danmo and Shen Laligaxiang were in a secret reception hall, he was pouring tea for Chen Xiang and Long Yue while laughing loudly. “Little brother, you are really amazing, you actually let the old demon Tianyu be returned by the Shenyuan crystal ginseng! Surebet247” Huang Tiandan demon laughed. “To be honest, I, Parimatch, am an alchemist, so I am very interested in all kinds of rare medicinal materials, so I, Paripesa, also want to get a Shenyuan crystal ginseng.” Chen Xiang laughed: “I don’t know Huang Tian Senior, can you give me one?” “Didn’t you tell me that you have a lot of purple source fruit? How about you exchange one with me? I am very interested in various medicinal materials.” Huang Tian Pill Demon said. Of course Chen Xiang was happy, and hastily took out a Purple Origin Divine Fruit. “Little brother, compare this Purple Origin Divine Fruit with my Divine Origin Crystal, which one do you think is better? You have to tell the truth!” Huangtian Pill Demon said. “I have to touch Shenyuan crystal ginseng to know.” Chen Xiang said: “I haven’t even seen it now, but I can baccarat judge that Shenyuan crystal ginseng should be very good according to the description in the rumors.” Huang Tiandan The demon took out a Shenyuan crystal ginseng from Slot Games and handed it to Chen Xiang. The Shenyuan crystal ginseng is really big, taller than Chen Xiang, and the blood-red crystal is very strong and heavy. “It’s really big!” Chen Xiang exclaimed: “The roots are all crystallized. Although I haven’t sensed any breath, there is no doubt that there is a lot of energy inside.” Get the internal energy, otherwise I won’t be deceived by that Tianyu old devil.” Huangtian Danmo was very puzzled: “Is this Shenyuan crystal ginseng really good?” “It’s really good! Let me tell you the truth, if



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