Ao Shi Dan God Chapter 37 Betting Chapter 18 Ao Shi Shen Yuan flashscore

Tip: Press the → button to quickly turn to the next chapter. Author: Download liverpool: Chen Xiang, Jing Yuner and the others thought that the old man in black outside was very strong, but the young man in front of him is even stronger, so they don’t know Where did Paripesa come from. [I think there are almost all of them. It is much more stable than the average website and the update is faster. The full text has no advertisements. ]access:. “Fortunately, I came early, if I was slower, it might be too late! I sensed that those evil beasts were killed, and I rushed over immediately. BGaming didn’t expect that someone could actually join the real madrid to get nine creation key man City spoon.” The man Xiang, his eyes were full of contempt, he was not at all indifferent, he was standing next to the ancestor of the beast creation. The man in gold clothes, the ancestor of the beast creation, stepped on the face of the ancestor of the beast creation, and said with a contemptuous smile: “You bastard, you always make trouble for me! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now It’s a waste of time! If it weren’t for your fate, I would have killed you long ago, and you are always wasting my time.” The man in gold followed suit, and waved 22Bet’s fan in the air, making a golden streak The livescore energy ‘wave’, flashscore hit Chen Xiang in an instant, and Chen Xiang cried out in pain, several deep scars were cut on his chest by the energy ‘wave’, bleeding profusely. “Big Sister Yun, quickly take Xiaoying away!” Chen Xiang gritted his teeth, and sent a voice transmission to Jing Yun’er: “Take her away quickly!” Jing Yuner immediately followed suit, and she also knew the golden clothes in front of her. Men are not something she can handle. “You have to be careful, this guy is very evil!” 1xBet Jing Yun’er said hastily, she knew that Chen Xiang was very powerful, so he wouldn’t die here so easily. Yun’er, the man in golden clothes, is going to take Han Xiaoying away, ridiculed



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